Did you know?

As a rule, the employer will assume half of your monthly premiums (up to a maximum of € 379.45 including mandatory nursing care insurance), independent on whether you opt for a Public or Private Health Insurance scheme.

Health Insurances

If you have moved to Germany, or even better before, your first priority should be arranging suitable Health Insurance coverage. As this topic is as important as complex early best advice is highly recommended.

“Every domestic person is obliged to effect and to sustain a Health Insurance — which is registered for running its business in Germany — for him/herself and his/her dependants ...”

Source: “§193 article 3 VVG (Insurance Contract Act)”

Foreign or temporary insurances are only accepted for employees being seconded to Germany, freelancers or for visitors.

Types of Health Insurance…

Most Germans are members of Public Health Insurance. This national system is generally less advantageous than Private Health Insurance.

Public Health Insurance covers spouse and children free of charge by the main member’s premium, if their monthly income is lower than € 450. Singles are paying as much as families.
Coverage is provided throughout Germany and partly in Europe. Content of benefits is governed by the German authorities. It is subject to regular changes. 

Private Health Insurance covers all members individually. The prospect may compose his personal coverage out of a wide range of benefits. Once content of coverage is agreed, the insurance cannot remove any parts. In general coverage is provided worldwide and includes free choice of doctors, hospitals and dentists. 
Singles pay less than families. Compared to Public Health Insurance singles pay lower premiums by obtaining better coverage.

Complementary Health Insurances are available in case you think Public Health Insurance doesn't cover all your needs. You can, amongst other things, increase your dental & optical coverage, improve hospital benefits and cover alternative medicine treatment.