Did you know?

Travel health insurance is highly recommended to gain medical treatment abroad and refund of return transport in case of accident or illness.

The mothly premium is of 1.25 per person.

Complimentary Health Insurance

Complementary Private Insurances are available to improve Public Health coverage.

You can, amongst other things, increase your dental and optical coverage, improve in-patient treatments, get worldwide medical care or increase your tax-free sickness daily benefit.

Types of complementary health insurances…

Sickness daily benefit (Krankentagegeldversicherung)
Sickness daily benefit makes up for an eventual loss of earnings due to illness or accident, up to the full level of your net income! Tax-free daily allowance for a temporary 100 % work incapacity can be awarded after 42 days.

Nursing care insurance (Pflegeversicherung)
Nursing care insurance is mandatory and is affiliated to health insurance. It covers health costs resulting from old age or disability, inpatient care in nursing homes, nursing care at home and certain special medical appliances. It is subject to a deferment period of 2 years following application and is only valid in Germany.

Travel health insurance (Reisekrankenversicherung)
Travel health insurance is valid worldwide (Germany excluded) for private and business trips. It covers urgent medical and dental help as well as return journeys to your place of residence in case of serious illness, injury or death, if clinically necessary, with a flying ambulance. Duration of cover shall be 56 days per trip.