Did you know?

Premiums of Public Health Insurance are calculated as a percentage of monthly gross income.

In 2018: between 14.60 and 16.40% plus 2.80% at most for mandatory nursing care insurance.

Premium assessment ceiling is limited to € 4,425.00 even if real income is higher.

This results in € 800 per month in average.

As the employer contributes nearly 50% (EUR 379.45 at most in total) to the calculated premium
the effectively payable premium comes up to € 430.00 in average.

Public Health Insurance

There are some 110 non-profit making Public Health Insurance schemes existing in Germany. 95% of their benefits are statutory.

German law differentiates between “compulsory” and “voluntary" members of Public Health Insurance.
Salary less than current threshold = compulsory, Salary more than current threshold = voluntary

Option 1:
Principally all employees are compulsory members of Public Health Insurance.

Option 2:
Employees with a gross salary over € 59,400 in 2018 AND a global annual gross salary over € 57,600 in 2017 may OPT for PUBLIC OR PRIVATE Health Insurance.

Option 3:
Employees with first-time engagement in Germany AND with an agreed annual gross salary over € 59,400 in 2017 may OPT according to Option 2.

Option 4:
Cohabitants, single housewives/housemen or temporary employees with monthly earnings less than € 450 may OPT according to Option 2, ONLY if they may prove a pre-existing EUROPEAN Public Health Insurance coverage.

Spouse and children -residing in Germany- with monthly earnings less than € 450 are usually following the rules for the employee.
As family members they will be covered by the main member´s premium free of charge.

Applicants for a “Voluntary” Public Health Insurance have to prove achievement of current and prior gross income threshold either generated in Germany OR ABROAD.

Income threshold in 2018: € 59,400
Expected and agreed gross salary excluding bonus payments during entire calendar year.
Income threshold in 2017: € 57,600
Gross salary excluding bonus payments generated during entire calendar year.

Persons with first time engagement in Germany only have to gain threshold for 2018. 
Persons with previous European PRIVATE Health Insurance coverage are obliged to join a PRIVATE Health Insurance scheme, if they gained the above stated annual thresholds.

Confirmation of income is to be presented to German employer.