Did you know?

Definition of accident:

“An accident is on hand, when the insured person involuntarily suffers harm caused by a sudden incident acting exogenously on his or her body.”

Accident & Inability

Accident Insurance policies are essentially tailored to payout in the case of invalidity and death.

Inability insurance provides a sickness daily allowance in case of inability to work.


Private Accident Insurance (Private Unfallversicherung)

You will receive a defined monetary compensation (plus monthly rent) depending on the degree of invalidity. It may even pay in the cases of death, of costs related to cosmetic surgery, of care and urgency services caused by an accident. Lesser injuries, such as a broken arm or leg are not covered.


Sickness Daily Benefit Insurance (Krankentagegeldversicherung)

This insurance provides protection in case you are officially attested unable to work due to a serious illness or damage to your senses or body.
Employees will maintain their salary payment for a period of 42 days. Thereafter it is their own responsibility to take care of their economic well-being. Sickness daily allowance is based on 30 calendar days and will be paid out net and tax free.