Did you know?

You can reduce your insurance premium by providing a no-claim-letter from your previous insurance company. 

Car Insurance

Car Insurance is an unlimited third party liability insurance which is compulsory for all automobiles entering Germany.

Accident-free drivers are rewarded by getting their premiums steadily reduced if they make no claim.
If you have a good driving record in your home country you can get credit for it here. Get a letter confirming your insurance record from your former insurance company (not your agent) back home.

You may include comprehensive cover and roadside insurance as well.

Types of car insurance

Car insurance consists of two types of insurance, one mandatory – Liability Insurance – covering damage to a third party, and one optional – Comprehensive Insurance – covering damage to your car.

Third Party Liability Car Insurance (mandatory)

covers losses resulting from the insured´s negligence or accident to a third party, alleging

  • Bodily injury (sickness, disease and death)
  • Property damage (physical injury to, destruction of, or loss of use of tangible property)
  • Financial loss (loss of earnings or decrease in financial value)

 Expenses for legal defence (settlement and investigation into suits involving bodily injury, property damage and financial lossLiability car insurance covers accidental losses resulting from body injury or property damage of a third party, for which the insured is legally responsible. Liability Car Insurance is required by German law.

Limited Comprehensive Car Insurance (option)

covers damage to your car caused by a third party, like

• Theft of car and accessories • Glass breakage • Fire • Storm • Hail • Flood
• EXCLUSIONS: •Vandalism • Collision • General wear-and-tear

Full Comprehensive Car Insurance (option)

covers damage you accidently caused to your own car as well as

• Vandalism, • Hit and run
(recommended for cars • up to 5 years • in good condition • collectibles)

Roadside Assistance Insurance (option)

covers consequences of the insured car's breakdown or theft such as

• Salvaging and towing • Pick-up service • Return transport • Hotel accommodation • Rental car • Spare parts supply • Jump starting

We do NOT provide offers for

  • Vehicles purchased for temporary use shorter than one full calendar year
  • Vehicles to be shipped to Germany or out of Germany
  • Vehicles being registered to a non-German resident
  • Vehicles being used for commercial purposes
  • Motorhomes
  • Caravans
  • Trailers

We cannot assist vehicle registration process