Did you know?

In Germany, parents are liable for any damage caused to a third party by their children or even by their dogs!

Personal Liability

In Germany everyone is liable for damage done to a third party. It is therefore highly advisable for you to take out a (family) third-party insurance. Personal liability insurance covers injury or damage you cause unintentionally to other persons, their property or assets worldwide. You are covered whether the negligence was yours or that of a family member of the same household. This insurance is strongly recommended to provide protection against possibly important claims against yourself and your family.


Personal liability insurance normally includes:
  • damage caused by you to the belongings of a third party
  • loss of the personal property of a third party
  • “bodily injury” to a third party

Be aware that, in general, personal liability insurance does NOT include:

  • intentional acts
  • gross negligence
  • damage to leased movable items like DVD recorders, laptops…
  • liability owing to assistance (e.g. breaking a friend’s TV whilst helping him move…)
  • damage caused by vehicles (see car liability insurance)
  • damage caused by a person covered by the same policy
  • damage caused by dogs or horses (must be separately insured)

The average annual premium for a comprehensive family policy is very reasonably priced at approximately €125.